In order to confirm your booking please ensure to pay a deposit as an advance payment.

  • Payment made more than 12 weeks prior to departure – pay 30% of the full tour price
  • Payment 6-4 weeks proir to departure – pay 60% of the full tour price
  • The remaining payment is required 1 week prior to departure (100%)


Payments from Sweden

Bankgiro: 588-5967


Payments from other countries

Bank giro service: 588-5967´or the acount nr 8214-9 944 404 979-6
IBAN: SE7180000821499444049796
The adress is Swedbank AB, 10534 STOCKHOLM


Payment methods

By bank transfer (the cost is approximately $25USD) – this is born by the client and any extra transfer cost will be added to next payment. Payment is in USD or Euro equivalent.


Cancellation terms

In case of cancellation of your travel plans for any reason, prior to the day of departure, based on the following agreement:

  • Once your holiday is confimed – Roof of Africa keeps 30 % of the payment
  • 30 days prior to departure date – Roof of Africa keeps 40 % of the payment
  • 14 days prior to departure date – Roof of Africa keeps 80 % of the payment
  • 2 days prior to deprature date – Roof of Africa keeps 100 % of the payment



You travel with your own insurance from home. If something would happend Roof of Africa will help you in our best way, but we can not take any economical responsibility for hospital care or any medical service. For this kind of situations you need to have your own travel insurance. Please bring with you a copy of your travel insurance.